Tree removal essentially refers to the procedural cutting and dislodging of a tree. Admittedly, tree uprooting and tree removal Surrey is an extremely dangerous task and should be carried out by authorised professionals only. If you are searching for a veteran tree doctor in the vicinity, we are happy to help!

Cutting down a tree is a painstaking endeavour and could result in critical injuries as well if you do not have any experience or training in tree removal Surrey. On the contrary, if you are to outsource it, we will start with creating an elaborate project scheme, covering key areas of concern, such as potential risk assessment and dislodgment coordinates plotting, to name a few. Our tree treatment practitioners will conduct an extensive on-site survey before the commencement of your project, taking into account every vital aspect, including tree elevation and ground status.

Our specialist arboriculturists utilise cutting-edge chainsaws for tree felling Surrey and are adequately equipped with the required protective gears for covering their foot, body, and head. There are several incidents of homeowners suffering serious injuries from flying wood chips and hence, it is highly recommended that you employ our handpicked team of certified professionals.

As soon as the tree felling Surrey is completed, our trained field mechanic will then be overseeing the sectioning before approving the safe disposal of the uprooted tree from your premises. Stump grinding in Surrey will clean up any other bushes, shrubs, and hedges if required. If you do not wish to remove the stump, our officers will examine it to diagnose any potentially infectious conditions and devise personalised remedial measures accordingly to address the identified issues appropriately.


No matter if you have a deeply rooted hedge or a recently planted one, trimming and pruning it on a regular basis can help you maintain the overall aesthetics of your garden. While formative pruning is generally done during spring or winter for new hedges, maintenance pruning is commonly carried out in early summer or late spring for both old and new ones.

You can usually expect two to three trims for formal hedges and typically one in most times for the informal ones. Periodic pruning and scheduled hedge cutting Surrey can help make your hedges compact and dense, which, in turn, allows them to offer increasingly effective screening and improves their appearance. It may also be worth noting that the hedge cutting techniques are to be decided by the kinds of shrubs and plants you have in the garden.

You should always remember that the trimming method for hazel or bushy forsythia hedge is entirely different from a hawthorn or upright privet. Figuring out the right type of hedge cutting Surrey is likely to be incredibly tricky for individuals with little or no relevant experience and as they happen to be an integral member of your garden, it is advised to get in touch with a tree treatment company at the earliest possible opportunity for expert consultation.